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Action to delete folder from start menu?

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  • Action to delete folder from start menu?

    So far I love this program. One thing I have not been able to figure out is how to make sure the folder in the start menu/programs gets deleted when I do the uninstall.

    I have an uninstall action that removes the shortcut in that folder but how do I get it to remove the folder to?

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    Re: Action to delete folder from start menu?

    If you create all of your shortcuts from the SHORTCUT tab of the each file's properties dialog in Setup Factory, the shortcut and the folder will automatically be removed for you. However if you create the shortcut using the "Create Shortcut" action, you will need to remove it with the "Remove Shortcut" action. In the uninstall, if any contents are left in the shortcut folder when the program tries to remove the folder, it will be left behind. In order to remove a shortcut folder from the Start Menu, you would just use a Remove Directory action with the path to the directory in the Start Menu, for example, %StartMenuProgramsNT%\My Application

    Hope that helps.