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Removing Start Menu Shortcut

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  • Removing Start Menu Shortcut

    How can you go in and have the program remove the shortcut from the start menu. I have tried several ways but have not been successful. The program I am trying install has it own shortcut. I and trying to do this without the user having to uninstall the shortcut.


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    Re: Removing Start Menu Shortcut

    What you will need to use is the "Remove Shortcut" action with the path to the folder where the shortcut is located, along with the description that displays in the shortcut. For example, you may need a path such as %StartMenuProgramsNT%\My Application and then the description of the shortcut.

    That action can be used to take care of each shortcut that needs to be removed. Now if you need to also remove the folder, you would just use the "Remove Directory" action with the full path to the directory those shortcuts are stored in. For example, %StartMenuProgramsNT%\My Application

    Hope that helps.