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  • %IsWinNT4%


    in my setup I included a condition that the setup shall only be executed if the OS is WinNT4 or Win2000 or WinXP. I used the built-in variables %IsWinNT4% %IsWin2000% and %IsWinXP%. If the condition is true the setup should be executed otherwise it should be aborted giving an appropriate message.

    The system on which I tried the setup is definitely a Windows NT4 but the setup brings up the message that my OS is not supported (my defined message for this). So now I'm not sure if %IsWinNT4% does what I want... Where does this variable get its value from? Or can't I use this for my condition? (for your information: the system is "Naked", so no Setup Factory is installed there, I only want to run my built setup exe-file on that machine...)

    Thank you in advance,


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    Re: %IsWinNT4%

    There haven't been any reported problems with those built-in variables.

    For testing purposes, try creating a Message Box action with %IsWinNT4% in the message field. See what value expands at runtime.

    To answer your question, the OS detection is handled through the Windows API.

    I assume you either have a screen condition for the abort screen, or are handling it through an IF control structure with a Message Box and an Abort action. Which method are you currently using?

    In your condition, check to see if there are any carriage returns that shouldn't be there. What is the exact condition you are using? Just copy and paste it here so we can see.