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Installing an update before doing other stuff

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  • Installing an update before doing other stuff

    Hi. I have SetupFactory 6. I need to detect the version of a dll (which is easy enough) then if it is out of date I need to run an exe that updates that DLL, which will require a reboot. So I do not want to have the product "half installed" at that point (the reason for this is that registering the DLLs in my product will not succeed unless the system DLL in question is updated first).

    What I need to do is extract this update executable and execute it in the "startup" action list if the system DLL is the wrong version, then exit the setup. How can I do this?

    If for example there was an "extract" action that pulls the file out of the install package on demand in the startup phase that would be perfect, but I couldn't find such a thing.

    Thanks for any hints.

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    Re: Installing an update before doing other stuff

    What about Primer files? Go to Design | General Design and then to the Primer Files tab. Primer files are extracted before the real setup process starts.