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Automatic restart application after new install

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  • Automatic restart application after new install

    I am using SF Now I want the user to be able to reinstall an application, when the app is running. Thats no problem: the user may start the installer via button or menu item.

    Of course, the running application has to be aborted. Is there an easy way to automatically restart the application when the installer finishes ?

    Thanks, Hayo

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    Re: Automatic restart application after new install

    If I understand your problem correctly the real problem that you are having is knowing where the program was installed. Because as soon as you know this you can simply use execute command on the main exe for that program. If it is a third party install (which sounds like the case) then you may need to do one of the following to find out where it was installed to:

    - Search for file
    - Read from registry
    - Read from INI file

    This is what I would explore if I were you. If I am totally off base please let me know and we will go from there.