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Run the installed app when installation finishes?

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  • Run the installed app when installation finishes?

    As per the subject... I can't find how to do this?
    I'd like to give the user the option of running it, too.

    BTW, I'm using v5.0.1.6 of SUF (is that still supported)?

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    Re: Run the installed app when installation finishes?

    Yes Setup Factory 5.0 is still supported although Setup Factory 6.0 is vastly superior in all ways to version 5.0.

    To accomplish what you want:

    1) Go to the Screens Manager -> After Installing and add a "12 Checkboxes" screen.
    2) In the screen properties uncheck the "Visible" and "Enable" options for options 2-12 thus leaving number 1 as the sole survivor.
    3) Put the appropriate text in this field such as "Run my program"
    4) In the variable field put a variable. Lets say %run% just for this example.
    5) Now go to the "Shell Operations" -> Execute tab and add an "Execute Program" action.
    6) Fill in the appropriate fields, the target will probably be something like "%AppDir%\myfile.exe" (get my drift?)
    7) Now go to the "Conditions" tab and add a condition in the "Advanced" field.
    8) In this condition put:
    Value A:%run%
    Value B:Checked

    Once again I suggest that you take Setup Factory 6.0 for a test run. Try using it for a bit and I’ll bet that you become a believer.

    Anyways have a great day.