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Writing Installation Log File to %CommonFiles%

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  • Adam
    Re: Writing Installation Log File to %CommonFiles%

    You could try to create a separate silent install that only copies the log file. Basically call this on the "Shutdown" tab without the "Wait for return" checked. This way the separate install should execute after the log file has been completely written.

    Keep in mind that I have not actually tested this so you will have to play around with it.

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  • centsoft
    started a topic Writing Installation Log File to %CommonFiles%

    Writing Installation Log File to %CommonFiles%


    After a bit of testing I have worked out that you can't write the "Installation Log File" to %COMMONFILES% if you are not logged on an ADMINISTRATOR.

    The problem I have been having is that my %IsNTAdmin% checked happens after I get the error about LOG FILE creation fails.

    I will now write the LOG FILE to %SysDrv% or %TempDir%.

    My question is? When does the writing to the Installation log file finish?

    The reason I ask this is because the very last thing I want to do is copy the LOG FILE to the %CommonFiles%\Centaur Shared\Logs folder.

    Any suggestions?

    Centaur Software