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How to Install Software on a Multi-User Computer

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  • How to Install Software on a Multi-User Computer

    Hello together,

    is it possible to add the option “Install for anyone who uses this computer”?
    I have made an installer which is running fine, except that problem with “Limited Users”.
    I must install the software as administrator. I can run the installed software without any problems ;-). But as “Limited Users” makes some problems.

    The installed program creates some files (log files, etc.) when its starts. But as “Limited Users” I don’t can create or change files. What is here the best solution?
    I have test it with the command “CACLS”, but this not so good.

    - I don’t know the users name during the installation (or afterwards)

    Anyone should have permissions to change/ create files. And this should be automatically and not by hand.

    For the next versions of Setup Factory, this is a fine feature.

    But now I need some helps, please.

    Thank you very much in forward.


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    Re: How to Install Software on a Multi-User Computer

    Your suggestion is currently listed in our database for our developers to consider in the future. As for the current version, Setup Factory adheres to all of the Windows permissions of the individual performing the install. There is currently no feature in Setup Factory that will allow you to elevate permissions. Besides the method you mentioned, I'm not aware of any other option. Perhaps other users have found a method that they have used in a situation such as this.