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auto close after uninstalling?

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  • auto close after uninstalling?

    Hope somebody can help me on this. I am a web designer in a completely alien territory cuz I've juz been taichi-ed the task of figuring this out. I am supposed to improve the final screen of the uninstaller. Currently, after uninstall is complete, the user sees a full progress bar and the text "Uninstall complete" but in the banner on top, it still says "Please wait while uninstalling"... so in order to avoid having users stare at that screen wondering if their pc has hung, is there anyway to auto close the dialog box once uninstall is complete, or to change the "Please wait.." text in the banner area? AArgh. If you can help, please go easy on me. I have zero knowledge in programming language

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    Re: auto close after uninstalling?

    No, I'm sorry, it is not possible to automatically close the dialog from Setup Factory.

    I have looked into changing the text that displays on the uninstall screen and it is possible, however it doesn't seem possible to have the text update after the uninstall completes. The only thing you could do is change the text on the screens sometime before the uninstall is run, for example, on the Shutdown event of the install, or at design time in the language file.

    At design time you can find message ID's for all of the text on the screens in Design->General Design, Languages tab, then double click the language to view it's list of messages.

    At runtime, take a look at the "irunin.lng" file that is created. That is an INI file that contains all of the messages including the message ID's for the uninstall. Therefore you can use a Modify Registry to change those ID's if you wish, as long as it is before the uninstall is launched.

    Hope that helps.