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Build time automation?

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  • Build time automation?

    We need to generate 4 different SETUP.exe's. Ideally, we would be able to run SF 4 times in a batch process, passing in different design-time constants.

    Presently, we are looking at changing the design-time constants manually and running SF 4 times. (We anticipate this number growing to 12 in the near future.)

    Can anyone think of a clever way to do this, perhaps employing the Run Before Build capability?

    Or more specifically, is there any way to establish the value of a design-time constant other than manually setting it up? Can SF be run from another process in such a way as to generate the output SETUP.exe?

    Thanks for any ideas.

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    Re: Build time automation?

    I do it all the time. Checl out this link:

    See the /B option. Basically you make an INI file with the constants and pass it in on the command line. We use this on our automated builds here at IR.


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      Re: Build time automation?

      Thanks Brett, this appears to be exactly what we need.