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    In my project I added a custom "Edit Box Screen" that prompts the customer to enter in their SQL server information (ServerName, AdminID, Password). Within the Edit Box Screen properties I added some commands in the "After" tab that will grab those variables and compile a batch file to run some SQL script files, and then execute the batch file to build the database. This is all working, however, I have 3 questions:

    1. When I prompt for the SQL Server login credentials is there a way to mask the password so it shows up as ***** instead of plain text when the user types it into the text box.

    2. Is there a way where I can show a progress bar - similar to the one shown when the installer copies over the program files - during the time it's executing the "Build Database" file. Right now all I see is a screen that says "Executing file" (or something like that). It would be nice to show a progress bar here because it takes minute or so to build the DB and it'd just be nice to have some visual activity going on there.

    I've tried entering %ShowActionProgressDlg% = True in the "Screen Condition" box and I've also tried entering in Assign Value (%ShowActionProgressDlg% = True) in the "Before" tab for this custom screen and in the "After" tab. I've pretty much tried it everywhere I see, but cannot get it to do what I want. Is it possible?

    3. During the process of building the database, I have the scripts write log files to a folder. Those files will tell me whether the DB build was successful or not. What I need to is read those log files for various information and if it contains certain flags, I need to throw an error in the installer and/or take an action. So in essence, I need to create an action in my installer after it executes the Build DB script that does something like this:

    IF XYZ.log CONTAINS "this line of text"
    ...The DB build failed so...
    DISPLAY THIS SCREEN (or take whatever action I decide to do here)

    Is it possible to perform a "CONTAINS" IF statement?

    Hope I'm clear on what I'm asking here...

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    Re: Newbie Question

    Question 1)
    No, I'm sorry, there currently isn't password masking other than on the Verify Password screen. However it is currently listed in our suggestions database for consideration.

    Question 2)
    No, it's currently not possible to display a progress meter as you described.

    Question 3)
    What you could use is the Text File action "Find Text Line" which will search for a particular string of search text and return the line number. If it's not found, it will return the default value. You could therefore use an IF control structure based on the returned value equaling the default value and perform any actions that need to be. If you wish to display a screen, you would need to have a screen somewhere after with that screen condition.

    Hope that helps.