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how do I get display propertys box to ingage?

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  • how do I get display propertys box to ingage?

    I am not a programer so I get lost so easy with this program. I am trying to get the display property box to come up on the desktop after installing my screen saver so that the person has the choice if they want to make it active. I have it installing to %SysDir% so that no matter the Windows OS it will be listed in the saver line up.

    Can you please help me step by step and what section to use format( Actions, before/after/shutdown, or do I do it by way of a screen, that type of help). I read what was posted in Cocument ID:IR02012 and that is not what I want. I just want the display to pop up on the desktop.

    Many thanks in advance if anyone can help me