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Error Message: "IrSetup.exe generated error"

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  • Error Message: "IrSetup.exe generated error"

    Hi to all,

    Does anyone know what is the error message, "irsetup.exe generated error...."? If happened during the installation process, it seemed that after the setup program finished copied all the files into the application folder, the system shown an error message just before the updating of the files to the registry. When I tried in my development machine, there had no problem at all. I've tried to install in several machines of my end-users, but it failed...!!! Thank you for spending your time to answer my question.

    Kee Fung

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    Re: Error Message: "IrSetup.exe generated error"

    The first question I have is whether or not you are using the current build,

    Are you creating an installation log file with your install? If not, this is often the most useful debugging tool. That will provide a little more detail as to where exactly it is failing.

    One possible cause is whether the user is logged in with administrator rights. That is one thing to check.

    Does it occur on a particular OS, or does that seem to matter?