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Error during unzip action

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  • Error during unzip action

    Hi All!

    We have been having a problem with our setup-program for some time. The problem has been that some users get an error message during setup saying: "Error extracting file."

    Until recently we have not known why and what causes this problem. Now we know that this problem is caused because
    the file beeing extracted is "write-protected" and allready exist in the unzip-folder.

    So instead of getting the "normal" option to overwrite/use existing etc there is an error message.

    Why? Can this be fixed?

    (We want the setup-process to exit on Eroor..
    We run SF v., WinZip 8.1)

    Thanxs for all answers,

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    Re: Error during unzip action

    Before looking into this any further, I want to confirm what build you are currently using. In your post you indicated you were using "". The current build is, so if this is correct, please update to the current version to see if this problem still exists.


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      Re: Error during unzip action

      Hi Darryl!

      Now we have updated to v. still remain!

      Also it looks like alot of different problems that can occur during unzip are dealt with in the same way: "Error extracting zip-file". Is it possible to get a more detailed description of the errors?



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        Re: Error during unzip action

        I've verified the behavior and have submitted a report to see if this can be changed in a future release. It will all depend upon the feature set of the Zip library we use.

        As far as workarounds for the problem... Are these all Read-only files that you will be extracting over, or just a few? If you know the names of these files and the location, one thing you could do is use a Set File Attributes action to modify the Read-only attribute so the Zip would succeed. I did try that and it seemed to work for one file I tested with.