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Clickable hyperlinks & move Uninstall shortcut ?

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  • Clickable hyperlinks & move Uninstall shortcut ?

    i was wondering if its possible to add a clickable hyperlink to any of the screens? (So users won't click it accidentally)

    Also, is it possible to move the Uninstall shortcut to another folder?
    I tried that but the icon changed to a default one and when i clicked it, it started searching for the INI file.
    I used this command in the Target Field box:

    %WinDir%\iun6002.exe "%AppDir%\Volga\Volga_irunin.ini"

    Also tried replacing %AppDir% with %ProgramFiles%. I used both these variables in "Working Directory".

    Thanks ahead!

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    Re: Clickable hyperlinks & move Uninstall shortcut ?

    I assume you are using the Create Shortcut action to create a different uninstall shortcut location. If this is the case, the only problem I could see is that you may be putting the command line argument in the Target field.

    I tried it and it seemed to work when I did it. Try placing "%AppDir%\Volga\Volga_irunin.ini" in the Command Line Arguments field of the shortcut action.

    Also remember that you will need to use a Remove Shortcut action in the uninstall to remove it as well.


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      Re: Clickable hyperlinks & move Uninstall shortcut ?

      Thanks, that worked great..
      Only problem now is that i cant seem to remove the startmenu folder. I cant keep the Shortcut Description box blank. Entering *.* doesnt work either.

      Clickable links are not possible? :crazy:


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        Re: Clickable hyperlinks & move Uninstall shortcut ?

        Sorry about not answering your first question. I got busy testing the shortcut part and forgot to answer it. No, I'm sorry, it's not possible to create hyperlinks in the text. It's currently listed in our suggestions database for future consideration.

        As far as the folder is concerned, as a rule, any folder that contains contents will not be removed by the uninstall. Therefore what you will need to do is remove the shortcut, then use the "Remove Directory" action to remove the folder that the shortcut was in. That should solve your problem.