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Overwriting Silent Mode

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  • Overwriting Silent Mode

    I am using Setup Factory In my project, General Design --> Settings, i am keeping the "Run Setup in silent mode" unchecked. The application will be executed by network administrators remotly and they can specify in the INI file if they want Silent Mode should be on or not.
    So, i read from INI file in Actions -> Startup and using debug messages i am able to see that the value is coming as TRUE. But even after i assign this value to %SilentMode%, the installation continues in non-silent mode.(I used some debug statements and saw that Silent Mode was TRUE).
    Is it not possible to change silent mode in actions? I am changing other built in variables and they reflect and function correctly. Only Silent Mode is giving me issues.

    Your help in this matter is appreciated.

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    Re: Overwriting Silent Mode

    No, I'm sorry, it is not possible to set silent mode during the install. That variable is only there to tell you whether or not the install was launched in silent mode in case you needed to perform some alternate actions in that case.


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      Re: Overwriting Silent Mode

      Thank you for your help. I am using the /S option now and doing the installation completely as silent.
      I am posting another question. Your help will be appreciated in that matter.