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Looking for some advanced help related to languages

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  • Looking for some advanced help related to languages

    I am looking for some help related to languages and I really don't know if what I am suggesting is possible, but here goes. The reason I am doing the following is because of some past bugs I have reported related to language detection not working under various OS/Language combinations.

    Here is what I want to do:

    1. User launches installer, I bring up a selection window that allows the user to pick which language he/she would like to use.

    2. Dynamically load an .lng file which could even be included in the installer based on that language.

    3. Populate all fields using that .lng file.

    I know this is out there, but it is very close to how MSI/Installshield works and it seems to be my only option given some of the bugs related to SetupFactory and language detection. If anyone wants further info on this, I would be happy to provide as currently our application supports over 19 languages.

    So bottom line, could this actually work?


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    Re: Looking for some advanced help related to languages

    Just to make sure the bugs haven't slipped through the *****s, could you explain further what bugs you encountered before going into this other method? If they are there, we definitely want them resolved, but in order to do so, we need to replicate them here. If there is a lot of information, you can just email our support department with the info. Thanks.