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SUF6 - Font installation-uninstallation anomaly

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  • SUF6 - Font installation-uninstallation anomaly

    Need to install some fonts. Chose 'Never Overwrite' (in case they already exist) Have to select 'Never Remove' to prevent uninstaller from removing fonts. If you do NOT do this the uninstaller WILL remove all fonts that were included in the install INCLUDING any that may have already existed on users machine (but were not actually installed because they did exist already). While it is better to leave some 'new' fonts on users machine than uninstall fonts they already may have had which now end up 'missing' is there any way to tell SUF6 to ONLY uninstall fonts it actually installed?

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    Re: SUF6 - Font installation-uninstallation anomaly

    I have a few questions for you:

    What build of the product are you using, found under HELP->ABOUT SETUP FACTORY.
    Does this occur on any OS, or certain ones?