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runtime source vars substitution

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  • runtime source vars substitution

    Hi all!

    I configured my sf6 with 3 user variables, readed from an INI file in startup action.

    Then, I use one of those variables in my "Runtime Source" file properties field, in CD-ROM tab.
    Something like this:
    Runtime source:

    When I execute the installer, I get an error saying can't be found "D:\lexnova\%FOLDER_ID%\INDEX\myfile.ext"
    As you can see, "%SrcDir%" var has been substituted with "D:" but %FOLDER_ID% user var is not readed from INI file yet.
    If I show a message box in first line of startup action, this message is displayed after check.

    How can I assign %FOLDER_ID% value **before** installer checks file existence?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: runtime source vars substitution

    Yes, currently that functionality isn't possible given the order in which things occur and the fact that there is a check at an early stage which is resolving the file's path. This is currently entered as a suggestion for our developers to consider.

    I agree that if that initial check was not performed that it would eliminate these types of issues when working with external files, however I'm not familiar with that portion of the code, so it may not be easy to implement given it's current design. The developers will look into their options when the next update comes around.

    I believe that the only things you could do as workarounds would either be to use "Copy File(s)" actions or "Install File" actions in which case you could use the read in location.

    Hope that helps.


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      Re: runtime source vars substitution

      Hi Darryl.

      Thanks about your answer.

      We're in a serious trouble with this issue... because that's working in sf5 but doesn't in sf6.
      A little suggestion: is it possible to implemente a new action-event like "Startup", "After installed" and so on, called "Before checking"? It could be fine and everybody could read their INI variables in that event. That's just a suggestions. Dev-team will do a good job, sure.