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SF6 and AMS4 ttf problem

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  • SF6 and AMS4 ttf problem


    I have build an application for the visitors of my website and used Setup Factory 6 for the installer. I have also build a little menu for the app using Autoplay Menu Studio 4. During the install the file "Menu1.ttf" is registered as the "Arial (TrueType)" font. I belive that this has caused some problems on 9x systems and NT systems have used the Arial (OpenType) (ariblk.ttf) font as a replacement after "Menu1.ttf" is removed.

    How can I provide a fix (for all Win OSes) for the people who have installed the application before it was fixed?

    Thank you.

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    Re: SF6 and AMS4 ttf problem

    In order to resolve the issue on those machines what you should do is create an install with a Modify Registry action.

    On a Windows 2000 machine, the font entry is located at:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts

    If your AutoPlay menu was using Arial (regular style), then the value is:
    Arial (TrueType)
    and the data is:
    The type is REG_SZ

    Therefore you could use a Modify Registry action with "Set Value" to change it back to their original setting.

    I believe that this Registry location differs between OS's, so look on a bunch of different OS's to see what the Registry structure is. You can then create conditional structures for each OS, such as:

    IF (%IsWin2000% = TRUE)
    Modify Registry()
    END IF

    Also force a reboot for that install because it needs a reboot for the changes to take effect.

    Make sure that you check exactly which font you are using so you modify the correct Registry setting.

    Be sure to test this fix on all OS's to make sure it does work correctly. I believe that will solve your problem.

    Hope that helps.