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Idea for creating 2 cds with 1 big cd-rom tabbed file on the 2nd cd

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  • Darryl
    Re: Idea for creating 2 cds with 1 big cd-rom tabbed file on the 2nd cd

    You may instead want to use the "Install File" action which will still give you all of the same install options, however you could then launch that action whenever you wish and be able to set the source and destination for the file.

    It's difficult to validate the disk in the drive, however one way may be to first prompt the user to insert the second disk. Then launch the action. However on the ON ERROR tab, you can control what to do if an error occurred, such as the file not being found. For example, you could jump to a label that prompts the user again. You could even set up a counter for the number of times it will prompt the user. This is just an idea, but something to give a try.

    Hope that helps.

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  • Idea for creating 2 cds with 1 big cd-rom tabbed file on the 2nd cd

    HI! I am about to do a double cd installation on the next way:
    Creating 2 executeables, the 1st one installs the files from the archive from cd1 which archive contains the 2nd executeable which's task is only to INSTALL(not copy) my 650MB dat from cd2. So when the 1st executeable ends, it starts the 2nd on the hard drive.Problem: The 2 exe should know the cd-rom letter so I store it with the 1st exe in the registry from (%srcdvr%) 1st exe was running from the cd-rom, so it is correct. In the 2 exe I cannot put my variable name- what was read from the registry in the actions/startup-to the dat's properties runtime source on the cd-rom tab, because the action startup happens later than the read from the registry.(PS: with %srcdvr% it is working). Solution: Should I use the copy command instead of the cd-rom tab?
    In this case I have to check the existance of the cd in the drive. The cd-rom tab solution would be more elegant.

    Any ideas pretty welcome