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Create an IIS directory listing

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  • Create an IIS directory listing


    I'm a newbie and don't now a thing about programing.

    I just developed a web application and wanted to create a setup.exe to help users on the process of installing the application.

    What I need to do is have Setup Factory create an Access database connection to a ODBC. which I already have.

    Then I'll need to have Setup Factory create a Virtual Directory to a IIS (internet information server).

    I'm using the demo trial of SetupFactory. If the connection can be done with Setup Factory I will be making the purchase really soon.

    If any help I will apreciate very very much!

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    Re: Create an IIS directory listing

    Here's some information about the ODBC configuration:

    Click Here

    As for creating a Virtual Directory, I believe that it would need to be done programmatically and wouldn't be able to be done directly through Setup Factory, however my knowledge of that particular technology is lacking, so someone else that frequents the forums may have some information for you.


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      Re: Create an IIS directory listing

      Thank you.