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AppDir won't "take" when I change it

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  • AppDir won't "take" when I change it

    I changed my AppDir in General Design->Settings to be


    where it used to be just


    I clicked ok, but the resulting setup.exe still puts files in that old directory. Even on a brand new computer. Any ideas?

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    Re: AppDir won't "take" when I change it

    Your Select Install Folder screen is probably overriding the value that you entered here. Check out:

    "%AppDir% (Default Installation Path):
    The default application directory for your installation. The text that you enter in this field will be the default value for the built-in variable %AppDir%. Unless the value in %AppDir% is overridden by a screen (such as the Select Install Folder screen) or an Assign Value action, files that have %AppDir% as their destination will be installed to this path. Note: you can use variables (such as %ProgramFiles%, %CompanyName%, %ProductName% or any others) in this field."