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Help on searchind directories in SP6

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  • Help on searchind directories in SP6

    Hi, Im new on Setup Factory and I have found this forum really usefull in learning SP6 stuff, but I need you help cause I haven't founf the answer yet.

    the aplication need to be instaled in deferent lenguase Windows, to be more exact on Spanish and English Info, in Spanish the programs install in "Archivos de Programas" ans on english on "program files", but I have found that some users isntall the programs in the Spanich Windows using "programs files"

    so the question is

    How can I make the programs to search if the Program is Installer on "program files" or "archivos de programas" before installing the update?

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    Re: Help on searchind directories in SP6

    For anyone else, this question was answered in another forum. You can click Here to read the responses.