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OSLQ.EXE interaction with SF6

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  • OSLQ.EXE interaction with SF6

    I use OSQL.EXE to create a Database or to add some table modification to the database depending on the option the user have chose, on the second option "Update Databse" I need to run 3 .SQL script.

    If the 1 script fails for any reason the next one dont have to run, same case is with the second script. so the problem is

    how can i made SF6 to catch up the error in to a variable or to set the SF6 Variable (a custum one) to true, so if the installer found thes variable to true then the next script/Step of instalation won't run

    I really appresite you help cuase i'm new onthe OSQL and SF6

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    Re: OSLQ.EXE interaction with SF6

    Setup Factory cannot catch return codes from your executable, therefore what you would need to do is write out the result to the Registry, text file or INI file and then read in the result from there to populate your variable.

    You can also check the "Wait for program to finish running before continuing" checkbox in order to delay the next action until the executable has finished it's execution.


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      Re: OSLQ.EXE interaction with SF6

      Oh well first time this program fail me.... maybe you can add that support for the next version, or incorporae a better use of oSQL.exe