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Running install in different languages

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  • Running install in different languages

    Hi all,

    I hope someone will be able to answer this. Here's the story:

    I have created a project with 4 languages selected:
    - English (default)
    - French
    - Spanish
    - Dutch

    Tested the install on a Win2000 system with English locale. All OK.

    Then changed my locale (default system locale) to French. Got the Windows reboot message. Rebooted the system.
    Then I tried to launch the setup.
    The setup did display all messages in French, however it didn't allow any user interaction. It went like a flash through all screens, copied the files, performed a neat install but did not allow any user interaction. So there's no chance for the user to know for instance, what the installation path was.
    It looks it went to perform a silent install, or at least an unattended install, I don't know why.
    Any idea how to make the install in other language behave the same as in the default language (allowing the user to interact)?

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    Re: Running install in different languages

    I have NEVER heard of that kind of problem. Can you email the project file to [email protected] so we can take a look at what you are doing and try to replicate the problem here?


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      Re: Running install in different languages

      Posting the reply I received by email, in case it can also be useful to other people.
      Thanks again-

      The reason that the setup does not work properly in French is because of the conditions on the screens. As of now they are set to show if %SysLanguage% = 9 which is the English language. So if the system is set to French then these screens will not show. The Language files that you have included are for error messages and automatic (built in by Setup Factory) text. You have 2 options that can solve your problem:

      1) Simply include the other languages in this condition:
      %SysLanguage% = 9 OR %SysLanguage% = 12

      The problem with this approach is that the English screens will show up in the French system.

      2) Create separate French screens with all of your text translated into French. The screen condition would then look like:
      %SysLanguage% = 12

      This is the best solution but it requires that you create multiples of the same screen.

      Please get back to me if you have any further questions.


      Adam Kapilik
      Tech Support
      Indigo Rose Corporation
      From AutoPlay menus and installer builders to software updating and binary patch creation, Indigo Rose has solutions for your entire software development team.


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        Re: Running install in different languages

        Well here is a question... ;-p I have the same problem, but I would like to create a page asking the user WHICH language he would like to use for the installer...... What screen can I use, and what %SysLanguage% 's do I ahve to put...?

        Then, I create a page for each language, right ? How do I get the installer to go to the right page ?


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          Re: Running install in different languages

          Can't edit, so here is the response :

          Works GREAT ! ;-p