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Merge module problem

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  • Darryl
    Re: Merge module problem


    I first want to let you know that there's a newer build than the one you are using. The current build is You can update your software by going to Help->Check for Update.

    In response to your question, since Setup Factory 6.0 doesn't use the Microsoft Installer technology in it's installs, there's no way to directly import those type of merge modules. If you know what is done within that merge module, perhaps you could replicate it through Setup Factory actions?

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  • ericng0311
    started a topic Merge module problem

    Merge module problem

    I have a merge module call "RtcClnt.msm" which is required in order to get my application working. But I don't know where or how to put this file into the user's computer. Does anyone know how to do it? I am using Setup Factory

    Thanks a lot.