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Install specific file to specific folder.....?

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  • Install specific file to specific folder.....?

    Here is a unique problem.... The installer beta I have created downloads zips from my server, opens and copies the files to the client computer, to a specific folder. All thats great, but I have another feature I need..... I need the prog to find say files with a particular extension, and install them in a default folder : has 2 files, a.txt and a.bmp has three files, b.txt and b.bmp and b.gif

    They are being help in a temp directory, tmp/one and tmp/two

    I need the script to find the files by extension name, and copy the files to specific folders :

    *.txt files to text
    *.bmp files to bmp
    *.gif files to gif

    The structure then would look like this :




    Easy, right ? ;-p And if anyone knows a way to program this, I would be VERY greatfull.... ;-p

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    Re: Install specific file to specific folder.....?

    That should be pretty easy, just create a string :
    Copy Files (%temp%\*.txt -> %AppDir%)

    That should copy just the txt files to the app folder...... or
    Copy Files (%temp%\*.txt -> %AppDir%\txt)
    Copy all the txt files to just the text folder.....

    Hope that helps !