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  • verify installed file

    I am using SF to install an Excel worksheet with Visual Basic that requires a newer version of Excel (Excel 2000 or newer). I have tried several methods to verify that at least Excel (any version) is installed and nothing works. I tried the "Abort Setup" screen, but it doesn't find Excel on this pc, and I have Excel (from Office XP), btw, it's called EXCEL.EXE! I also tried to verify the existence of the file using the Actions tab, that didn't work either. Got any suggestions?

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    Re: verify installed file

    What about checking for the existance of the Registry key:


    I have never tried it so I am not 100% sure but I think it should work...


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      Re: verify installed file

      I guess that is a different technique, and there are other Registry keys I could search for also, but I would rather just search for the executable Excel file, if SF will find it, I can finish my projects.


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        Re: verify installed file

        To use the CLSID entry was a nice tip. As you say, larzman, there are other Registry entries that can be used to determine the ProgramDir, App Version, Language Edition and so on. When you have read the program dir info from the Registry, you can have SF to check whether Excel.exe really exists (without performing a file search). So, what’s the problem?