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Search for multiple files in folders ......

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  • Adam
    Re: Search for multiple files in folders ......


    What type of error are you getting? What is being returned in the file search variable? How are you setting %name%? Are you sure that it contains the proper value before it enters the file search action? Please note that you can add a Dialog.MessageBox action to show the contents of a variable at any time during the install. Please add some of these and get back to me with the results.

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  • BigBoss
    started a topic Search for multiple files in folders ......

    Search for multiple files in folders ......

    Here is my problem....
    -My client has the choice of selecting files for download, and verifing that they are not already installed.
    -Say I have in my DB 50 files, they all have the same name, BUT they are different files.....
    -My user need to know that say "file1.txt" is already on his computer.
    -In the DB, the zip names are, etc.
    -When he goes to chose a file, he is shown "file1-1", "file1-2" etc.
    -Since I cannot name 50 zips with the same name, the code :
    Store in Variable %filexists%
    Search for File %name%.txt

    Does not work......
    I have tryed different wildcards, to no avail.......

    Any help/Ideas please.... ;-p