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Using CABs?

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  • Using CABs?

    Are packages the same as Windows CAB files. If not, can I create CAB files and use them with SF6..? And, if so how?

    There is no mention of this topic in the help system.


    Rick :confused:

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    Re: Using CABs?

    No, packages aren't like Cab files. In Setup Factory they are there to allow the ability to group files together so actions can be taken on the group as a whole, instead of individual files.

    No, to my knowledge you wouldn't be able to implement cab files in your install. Was there a particular reason that you couldn't extract it's contents and just include them in your install?


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      Re: Using CABs?

      Thanks for your reply.

      I was hoping to use a compressed file that basically "hides" files from the prying eyes of the user. The install copies several PDF files that could simply be copied to a system and passed about freely to other users, which is something I want to avoid. Using the installation program forces the user to accept the license, see any additional requirements, and install Acrobat 6 (which is required) if they don't already have it.




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        Re: Using CABs?

        The license agreement screen does not let you pass unless you agree to it by default. Therefore the files will not and cannot be installed unless the user has accepted the license agreement.

        You can also put an installation condition on one or more files from the file's properties.


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          Re: Using CABs?

          I'm still not sure that I understand. If the files are included in your installation executable, they will not be installed until the user agrees to your license agreement. Are these files not archived inside of the installation executable? Are they just on the CD-ROM external to the install?