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    When using the Silent Install option, do the Before and After Tabs from screens get activated. I have some commands within these tabs and I want to make sure they are run when I do a Silent Install and if I need to move them or activate them is some other manor.

    Thanks in Advance,


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    No, when run in silent mode, no screen actions are executed. If you intend on running the install in silent mode, you must place the actions on one of the other action tabs, At Startup, Before Installing, After Installing or On Shutdown.

    Hope that helps.


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      The disadvantage with the Silent Mode is:

      "In silent mode, no screens, errors, or any other parts of the interface will be shown. This includes any messages displayed using the Show Message Box and Yes/No Message Box actions." (Extract from the help file).

      The user don't know whether the app has performed its task or not. This can be accomplished by executing a VB script, but I find it more easy to use this method:
      i) Avoid the /S option
      ii) If the installer is started with a Command Line Argument like "-INI", the installer will find the necessary information in an INI file. Screens to be displayed in this case can have a Screen Condition like %SetupCmdLineArgs% = "-INI". Normal screens can have a condition like %SetupCmdLineArgs% <> "-INI" (or something else what is suitable).

      Setup Factory can perform various tasks. In another project, where I call the "Setupe.exe" from another application, I always use the Silent Mode.

      In my opinion this is the real strength of Setup Factory. You can do "whatever you want whenever you want".


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        Thanks for the help!

        What I did to get what I needed is pull out all screens from the install. I used Actions tabs to call the .ini file for all variables that show up within the install plus any other actions that I need to occur. The only screens that display are when I am copying files and installing the files. Which is good this way the user will know that something is occuring and error messages will display.

        I am pretty much a beginner at this, but found Setup factory very easy to do what I want whenever I want with some creativity and mo development background. I also find the forums to be great. Thanks again.