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    Can someone explain to me the Licence situation concerning run-times? I'm assuming that to use the Jet runtimes I'd need (or at least should have) the Microsoft Developers Toolkit (which I've got) or are they open for all to use?


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    Re: Run Times Licences


    The runtimes themselves were designed so that they themselves were open for download for everyone. The Setup Factory 6.0 MS Jet 4.0 runtime support module does not install any Microsoft files onto your system. It uses the pre-made DCOM 95, MDAC 2.6, and JET 4.0 Microsoft Installs.

    In order to obtain those files you, the user, has to go to the Microsoft Web site, to download them. Once you download them you have the right to distribute them in their "entirety".

    Here is a section from the MDAC 2.6 EULA ( )

    (i)General Redistribution Requirements.

    You will (a) redistribute, or have third parties redistribute, the Product in its entirety, in object code only, in a single executable file as provided by Microsoft (MDAC_typ.exe), and only in conjunction with and as a part of an Application; (b) not use Microsoft's name, logo, or trademarks to market your Application without the prior written consent of Microsoft; (c) include a valid copyright notice with your Application; (d) include all copyright and trademark notices contained in the Product; (e) include a copy of this EULA with any Product you distribute; (f) indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Microsoft from and against any claims or lawsuits, including attorneys' fees, that arise or result from the use or distribution of your Application, and (g) not permit further distribution of the Product by end users of your Application. You may direct your Application end users who desire to obtain Product redistribution rights to: Microsoft reserves the right to delete the Product download and to change, move, or remove this web page at any time, at its sole option.
    Hopefully this helps.

    More information on how the JET 4.0 runtime support module functions can be found here:


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