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IIS/Apache Root Folders & MySQL Question

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  • IIS/Apache Root Folders & MySQL Question

    First time installer project, running before I walk with SF6.0.

    Okay background: Trying to set up an installer that is for a custom intranet application it runs php but has some 3rd party supporting products.

    however I have a problem and thus far unable to resolve it despite many turns along the path to success.

    First problem is thus:
    Detirming what the root folders of IIS or Apache are. (I have the service check in place and launch an installer if needed for either or webserver.)
    I require this info so I can copy a folder (php files) from the install media to that root folder and subsquently create shortcuts to http://localhost/<app>/<page>.php...

    Any ideas on this problem?

    Second Brick wall is thus:
    After sucessfull install of MySql I need to run the .sql files to drop/build the nessecary tables, currently this is done in a batch file, I wish to bring this inside the installer but seem to be having problems executing the commands. Below is an example from the batch file we are using currently, previous lines would cd to the apporpiate dir on the install media:

    C:\Mysql\bin\mysqld-nt --install
    mysql -u root < user.sql mysql
    net stop mysql
    net start mysql
    mysql -u sa -psa < MaxData.sql mysql

    Edit: Sorry the initial line shown here is how I do it from SF6.0 command to execute, as that works. The problem is the subsquent mysql commands do not work when I add in the path, thus I left them in there original format.
    c:\mysql\bin\mysql -u root < <path>user.sql mysql

    in SF6.0 does not work, I've tried with working dir etc but so far with no joy. what complicates this is I'm reasonably new to MySql aswell, so I'm not sure if its a path problem or somthing else. Thats the luck of the draw I guess.

    The initial line works, the net stops and starts are taken care of via SF very easily.
    The .sql files are located on the media in a subfolder SQLSCRIPTS. However I cannot seem to make it work via SF. Any simple one liner answers that I have missed?

    Thanks in advance of any input.


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