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System DSN (ODBC)

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  • System DSN (ODBC)

    I am a registered owner of Setup Factory v6 and have a solution that installs a Microsoft Access Database in to a specific folder based on the Drive selected.
    I need my installer to also configure a System DSN in the ODBC Control panel.
    I have searched the Knowledge base and have found and used the InstallODBC.exe and the ODBCConfig.ini files.
    I can modify the ODBCConfig.ini file to create an point the DSN to the file on a specific Drive
    ------------------ Portion if ini file here ---------------------------------------------------
    DSDriver1=Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)
    DSAttrib1=DSN=CourseReg\0DBQ=C:\FCPO\FCRAD\DATA\Co ursereg.mdb\0FIL=MS Access;\0DESCRIPTION=System DSN for PDReg\0DRIVERID=25\0UID=\0\0
    but I need to have it configured so that the Drive selected (in the above example it is pointing to C is determined by %AppDrv%. The rest of the path is fixed.
    Can you give me any ideas on how to do this?

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    Re: System DSN (ODBC)

    I would put the ODBCConfig.ini and ODBCConfig.exe in the primer file list.

    During the installation, I would use a MODIFY INI file action to change the DSAttrib1 parameter to point to the %AppDir% directory.

    After this is completed you can execute the ODBCConfig.exe which will configure the ODBC with the correct directory settings for your database (%AppDir%).



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      Re: System DSN (ODBC)

      the company I work for use Setup Factory 5, and I'm new on it, I need to configure a DNS, does the same code will work on SF5?