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BDE Vs dbExpress (DataSnap Direct)

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  • BDE Vs dbExpress (DataSnap Direct)

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been looking into the BDE runtime support module, and reading about BDE and the future of BDE.

    There is an interesting article on the Borland website which explains the future of BDE:,28688,00.html. Basically it seems that BDE is being (and has been) slowly phased out in favor of a new(er) technology, dbExpress.

    From what I understand dbExpress has been around for about two years now, so I was wondering how many BDE developers have made the switch given the fact the BDE is apparently a “frozen” technology now?

    I have been looking into the technical aspects of both technologies but I would like more information on what people are using. Since I am not releasing products using BDE or dbExpress I’m not really sure what people’s reactions to the state of either technology really is. Basically I would like to start a dialog with Setup Factory 6.0 user’s who use BDE and/or dbExpress in order to provide better support for both products.

    Hopefully a few users’ familiar with both (or one) technologies will post their thoughts on both technologies, and how they would like to see Indigo Rose support them.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Re: BDE Vs dbExpress (DataSnap Direct)

    Hi Mark !

    Basicly dbExpress solves issues with lack of support within BDE for the SQLLink (db2, oracle ms sql, Interbase ect.). The BDE will still be needed for Paradox and dBase applications (desktop applications). IMHO you should post BDE runtimemoduls and see how things is getting on with other databaseserver types.



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      Re: BDE Vs dbExpress (DataSnap Direct)


      What I have found thus far is that our application (which is dependant on BDE will probably continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Our application uses very little database functionality (we use it to keep track of open windows) etc. Coding under the version of Delphi that we have been using means that we are probably not going to change very soon to dbexpress. Not to say it won't happen, just that the way we see it now we're not intending to change.