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MDAC not installing... help?

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  • MDAC not installing... help?

    hi all,

    quick/easy question probably. i have an app that requires the MDAC runtime module. i tried installing it using setup factory on a clean win98 machine that does NOT have any MDAC stuff. why doesn't the setup realize that MDAC needs to be installed? it never installs the MDAC stuff. i have both the DCOM and MDAC runtime modules CHECKED in the runtime modules section. can someone tell me what i'm doing wrong?

    thanks much. i'm lost.

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    Re: MDAC not installing... help?


    The first thing you should do is only check the MDAC runtime support module; it will install DCOM for you if the computer needs it.

    Now in order for the MDAC runtime to work, the computer needs to have a version of MDAC less then 2.61.7326.6 and a version if Internet Explorer greater then 4.72.3612.1713.

    What is probably happening in this case is version of Internet Explorer is too for the module to work.

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      Re: MDAC not installing... help?

      thank you for your helpful (and prompt) reply. that was the reason. i've added a bit of code to check the version of ie and prompted the user to install a higher version first. this is an acceptable solution in my books. thanks again.