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  • Run file after Jet rtm

    I need to run an exe file (that depends upon Jet+MDAC being present) as part of installation. Problem is Jet rtm appears to run after everything else. Have I got to make my own rtm to include jet, everything contained in it, reboot run files for jet plus my exe etc etc, or is there an easy way to tell Setup Factory 6 that when I say 'run a file after installation' it actually completes installation of rtms before running it?

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    Re: Run file after Jet rtm

    I ran into a similar problem (with MDAC by itself, but it's probably still relevant).

    My solution was to add a command line option to "fast-forward" to a particular step in the install. I had to check this "Install Step" criteria as a test on the screens (%InstallStep% <=1, files (%InstallStep% <= 3), and in "IF/END IF" tests (%InstallStep% <= # depending on WHICH action tab it was/etc) around actions. I then could force a reboot after adding the package itself to a "RunOnReboot" action with the "/Goto:6" argument which would then set "%InstallStep%" to 6 when the reboot occurred. I would then skip the remainder of the install until after the reboot. I use registry entries to hold temporary/configuration values and clear them at the completion of the install.

    This was also required because I was calling other standalone install packages that would occasionally trigger a reboot on certain machines, meaning my package never completed it's install actions. So, I protected my package against these "unscheduled" reboots by doing a similar entry and clearing it (with a Registry action) when the standalone install returns.

    Hope that helps!