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Import a Project file ?

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  • Import a Project file ?

    Is there a way to import a project.

    eg..I have a VB Application that minimally ships as a 3.8MB install file. I need to make 2 additional SUF projects, 1. to ship my App with DCOM95 + MDAC and 2. to ship my App with just MDAC

    I have the minimal project made.
    I have a project that tests for DCOM...and optionally installs
    I have a project that tests for MDAC and optionally installs

    I would like to make a new project that does all of the above by importing form these other projects into a new project ... so that I don't have to recreate all the registry and file variable tests, screens etc.

    It would be good to browse the 'objects' of a foreign project and pull in their defs to the current project.

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    Re: Import a Project file ?

    Currently in Setup Factory 5.0 what you can do is simply COPY and PASTE your actions from one project to another.
    So simply open both of your installations up, then COPY and PASTE your required actions between the two projects.

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      Re: Import a Project file ?

      Thanks for the tip

      How is this possible for the Screens in the Screen Manager though ??

      Particularly if the screens properties are determined by items in the Variables section