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overwrite by Version Info

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  • overwrite by Version Info

    It'd be nice if you could choose not by date / time stamp but by version #.

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    Re: overwrite by Version Info

    If version information is available for both the file on the system already and the one being installed then the version information IS used to determine the relative newness of a file. Only if the files do not contain version resources does the overwrite check use the file date/time.

    - Brett


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      Re: overwrite by Version Info

      I'm confused. Are you saying SUF does check version info 1st, then date/time?

      The only options I have is
      Overwrite if existing file is same or older
      Overwrite if existing file is older
      Always overwrite existing file
      Never overwrite
      Ask the user

      There's no "overwrite by version #"