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SUF6002: Progress Screen without User Interaction

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  • SUF6002: Progress Screen without User Interaction

    I think it would be useful to have another Screen Type available, a "Progress Screen" that requires no further interaction by the user, e.g. with a caption and the text "Please wait...".

    This can be useful to perform various actions which are not associated to any other screen type, nor to be placed in the "Actions Dialog".

    The "Progress Screen" should be automatically displayed when either any "Before" or "After" action has been assigned. As soon as all assigned actions are processed, the "Progress Screen" should disappear automatically. The "Progress Screen" should be displayed on top of the last screen displayed rather than in between two 'normal' screen.

    Useful properties could be
    - a "Minimum Display Time" in seconds to avoid flickering.
    - a checkbox "Display Hourglass Cursor only" instead of the screen at all.

    - Hans

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