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irsetup.exe detected as spyware

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  • irsetup.exe detected as spyware

    I hope this is the right forum... I've done a search and came up empty so...

    The irsetup.exe file appears to some spyware detection programs to have the same footprint as the Red Hand spyware. This is causing concern to some of our customers. Not all detectors report the symptom, and I don't have enough data yet to tell me which ones do or don't.

    Reassure me, please, that irsetup.exe does not act as spyware...

    what does it exist for, exactly?

    I know it is removed on next boot, but I need to be able to tell my customers that the file is harmless.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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    This is a file used by installers created with Setup Factory. It is only on you system while the setup is running or if it could not be deleted at the end of the installation routine (due to file permissions etc), it is scheduled for deletion on system reboot.

    I'm not sure what applications you're refering to that are calling it "spyware". Please provide us with more information so we can investigate.

    By itself, it is certainly not "spyware", but since tens of thousands of companies use Setup Factory to distribute hundreds of millions of setups, it is certainly within the realm of possibility that one of those companies produces "ad-based" software. You'd have to discuss that with the company in question.

    If we can be of further help, please let me know.
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      I created the installer in question. When I distributed the installation program, two customers have reported the symptom. It installs an exe, database, image files, creates directories, and runs an ODBC configurator. It certainly isn't adware or spyware and doesn't (to my knowledge) contact the internet.

      I've sent queries to the customers who've reported the problem (only 2 so far out of hundreds of instances). I don't know yet which detection program is reporting the problem but when I find out I will let you know.

      My installer is not named irsetup, so the question remains... what is irsetup.exe? What does it really do?

      Thanks in advance.


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        The setup executable that you generate is essentially a stub that extracts certain contents temporarily, one of which is the file "irsetup.exe" which is the main setup runtime. So that is what that file really is.


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          Thank you for your prompt and courteous replies. As soon as I find out anything concrete about the file being detected as spyware, I will let you know. Thank you again.


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            SpySubtract says irsetup is spyware

            The problem with irsetup.exe being flagged as spyware continues. I got a new machine for testing and it came with SpySubtract installed. When I install my app I get:

            Warning! The following Privacy Threats are currently running on your computer:

            Item: irsetup.exe
            Produced by: Adware_ShopNav
            Detected: Programs in Memory

            We strongly recommend you run a Full Scal to detect Spyware....

            Does that help you at all in attacking this pesky problem?