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  • Setup Factory Update Available

    Setup Factory is now available to all registered Setup Factory 6.0 customers.

    Here at Indigo Rose, we believe in continually going the extra mile for our customers. This free update is just one of the ways we offer you more value! Of course, this update is more than just a few "bug fixes". We strive to take all of your comments and suggestions to heart and incorporate as many new features into these service releases as we can. The full "What's New" list can be found below.

    To get this new update, registered Setup Factory 6.0 developers can simply select the "Check for Update" option from within the "Help" menu of Setup Factory 6.0.

    <font color=blue>Release History</font color=blue>
    <font color=red>v6.0.0.3: February 6, 2002</font color=red>

    New Features:
    • Added several new Project Report templates.
      Added a new design-time constant: #CURRENTMONTH2# (a two-digit number representing the current month at build time, e.g. "01" for January).
    • You can now choose to display a Calculating File Progress dialog, immediately before the Select Install Folder screen and right before the files are installed. This dialog helps provide a seamless interface to the user while disk space calculations are being performed. Otherwise, there can be a slight "pause" between screens where no interface is shown as the disk space calculations are performed. (This is usually only noticeable when a large number of files are involved.)

      To enable the Calculating File Progress dialog, set the built-in variable %ShowFileCalcProgressDlg% to "TRUE" at the start of your installation. To disable the dialog, set %ShowFileCalcProgressDlg% to "FALSE".

      %ShowFileCalcProgressDlg% is set to FALSE by default.)
    • You can now control whether or not the Action Progress dialog is visible at run time by setting the built-in variable %ShowActionProgressDlg% to "TRUE" or "FALSE". If %ShowActionProgressDlg% is set to TRUE, the Action Progress dialog will be visible. If %ShowActionProgressDlg% is set to FALSE, the Action Progress dialog will be hidden.

      %ShowActionProgressDlg% is set to TRUE by default.
    • Setup Factory no longer calculates the CRC values of files on the CD-ROM tab that have "Disable CRC Check" selected. This will speed up the build process for those of you who have that option disabled for the majority of your CD-ROM tab files.
    • You can now cancel the build process during the "Verifying archive files list..." and "Verifying CD-ROM files list..." stages.
      You can now set the state of a check box on a 12 Check Boxes screen to either checked (TRUE) or unchecked (FALSE) by setting the variable assigned to that checkbox to either "TRUE" or "FALSE". If the variable is set to TRUE, the check box state will be checked, and if the variable is set to FALSE, the check box will be unchecked.
    • A "wait cursor" is now displayed while Setup Factory changes the properties of Multiple Files.
    • Changed the default text for the uninstall’s unique Registry key from Product_Name to %ProductName%%ProductVer% to avoid creating conflicting registry keys for different products.
      The file list no longer updates the file vitals after a build. As a result, the list view is refreshed much faster after a build is complete.

    • Fixed a bug where using Design Time constants in the path to a screen image could cause Setup Factory to generate an error when the screen was previewed. Design Time constants will now work fine in paths to images when screens are previewed.
    • Fixed a bug where an incorrect icon would be displayed in the file list when a Design Time constant was used as the path to a file.
    • Fixed a bug where %SetupCmdLineArgs% would always be set to %TempLaunchDir% if no command line arguments were passed to the setup. Now %SetupCmdLineArgs% will be set to a blank string if no arguments are passed.
    • Fixed a bug where %SetupCmdLineArgs% always contained a trailing space.
    • Fixed a bug where no default radio button would be selected at run time if the "Default" field on the radio button screen’s custom tab was left blank. This bug also caused %RadioSelection% to always be blank and %RadioSelectionIndex% to always be 11. Now the default is set to the first visible radio button if the "Default" field is left blank. If no radio buttons are visible the default is set to the first radio button.
    • Fixed a bug where having 300 IF/END IF or WHILE/END WHILE pairs on an action tab would cause the Setup Factory design environment to crash.
    • Fixed a bug where the build would continue if you tried to cancel it during the CRC check. Now canceling the build during the CRC Check works as expected.
    • Fixed a bug where, after you selected a project file to scan on the "Scan Visual Basic Project" dialog, the "Visual Basic Version" would always be set to Visual Basic 6.0. The radio buttons now function as expected.
    • Fixed some internal links in the Help file so they now point to the correct pages.
    • Fixed a bug where the Status Bar on the uninstall screen was not always visible. (If an action on the Before Uninstall tab did not need the Status Bar, the status bar was being hidden during the actual uninstall process.) Now the uninstall status bar is always visible.
    • Fixed a bug where the wrong text was selected in an expression after a syntax error if the expression contained any line feeds.
    • Fixed a bug concerning the Runtime Support where if the user hit Cancel, multiple copies of Runtime Support Modules could be added to their project.
    • Fixed a bug where the Abort button was still enabled after the user aborted the build process.
    • Fixed a bug where the Insert Text Line action would always add an extra blank line to the text file.