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  • Setup Factory Update Available

    Setup Factory is now available to all registered Setup Factory 6.0 customers.

    Here at Indigo Rose, we believe in continually going the extra mile for our customers. This free update is just one of the ways we offer you more value! Of course, this update is more than just a few "bug fixes". We strive to take all of your comments and suggestions to heart and incorporate as many new features into these service releases as we can. The full "What's New" list can be found below.

    To get this new update, registered Setup Factory 6.0 developers can simply select the "Check for Update" option from within the "Help" menu of Setup Factory 6.0.

    <font color=blue>Release History</font color=blue>
    <font color=red>v6.0.1.0: April 26, 2002</font color=red>

    New Features:
    • Added the ability to select which calling convention will be used in a Call DLL Function action. Designers can now choose between: '__cdecl' and '__stdcall'
    • Added more space for text above input fields on certain screens.
    • Changed the way Setup Factory 6.0 backs up files during runtime. In previous versions, 'Mark.txt' would be renamed to 'Mark.bak'. In Setup Factory, 'Mark.txt' would now be renamed to 'Mark.txt.bak'. (The original file extensions are now preserved.)
    • Added a warning message to the Build Output dialog to inform the user when their "Custom File Output" size has been increased because the Primer file and launcher could not fit within the current size limit.
    • Added five new language files: Swedish.lng, Chinese.lng, Czech.lng, Russian.lng, and Romanian.lng.
    • Changed the way Setup Factory 6.0 wrote the services path to the registry when using the Create Service action. Now if a path contains no spaces it is not quotes, if it contains spaces it will be quoted.
    • Added Important Notes section in the 'Readme.htm'.

    • Fixed a bug where blanking the text in the "Space Required" field on the Select Install Folder screen, the "Space Available" number would disappear (and vice-versa).
    • Fixed a bug where a file's Run-time install condition would behave incorrectly in certain situations when a variable was used.
    • Fixed a bug on the CD-ROM tab where the Base Directory would not always be updated properly.
    • Fixed a bug where a variable entered in the Default drive field on a Select Drive screen (at design time) would not be expanded at run time.
    • Fixed a bug where the abort messages on the action progress dialogs were not being translated into different languages properly.
    • Fixed a bug where an Abort action on the Before tab of a screen would not cause the installation to abort until after the screen had been displayed.
    • Fixed a bug where the Generate Random Value action would return the same values during different installations.
    • Fixed a bug in the Build output screen where newline characters were not being displayed properly in some error messages.
    • Fixed a bug where the Abort action would not exit the menu when fired from a Help button.
    • Fixed a bug in the design environment where very long text would cause the design environment to crash in certain situations.
    • Fixed a bug on the Languages tab, and the Primer Files tab where the dialog would not be redrawn properly after the user had browsed for a file.
    • Fixed a bug in the Delete Files action where the base directory would be deleted if wildcards were used and the base directory contained sub-directories.
    • Fixed a bug in the project converter where projects with Operating System conditions converted from Setup Factory 5.0 would occasionaly fail in Setup Factory 6.0 during uninstallation.
    • Fixed a bug in the way Setup Factory was interpreting command line arguments; now an argument like /SN=1234 will not enable the /S (Silent Mode) option.

    <font color=blue>Important Notes</font color=blue>

    Adding Files to Your Uninstallation When Patching
    When patching your Setup Factory 6.0 made installation keep in mind that it is possible to add new files to your original Setup Factory unistall. Simply use INI file actions to create a new section in your Uninstall INI file, by default this file is named: 'irunin.ini'. So create a new section in that INI file called [Delete Files]. Then in that section you will list all of the additional files that you want your uninstallation to remove. Make entries in the [Delete Files] section using the following format: <<Filename>>=delete, where <<Filename>> is the full path to the file that you would like to delete.

    Here is an example of entries in 'irunin.ini' that will remove two files: 'C:\Mark.txt' and 'C:\New Text\Adam.txt':

    [Delete Files]
    C:\New Text\Adam.txt=delete

    Using Design-time Constants in Conditions
    When using design-time constants (as strings) in conditions, it is important to remember that you MUST put quotes around the Design-time constant if it will contain spaces. If the design-time constant does not contain spaces, or will not be used as a string, then you do not have to quote it.

    If you do not quote a design-time constant and it contains spaces, then the Setup Factory 6.0 condition parser will treat each string separated by spaces as separate units. For example:

    #DTCondition# = One String

    'One' and 'String' will be treated as separate units when used in a condition and will generate an error. The proper usage would be:

    #DTCondition# = "One String"

    'One String' will be treated as a single unit when used in a condition.

    The reason for this is because design-time constants are expanded at build time; during run time Setup Factory 6.0 cannot tell the difference between normal text and what was once a design-time constant.

    Note: This does not apply to variables, which never have to be quoted when used in conditions.