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  • Setup Factory Now Available!

    Setup Factory 6.0 (version is now available. This is a free update for registered Setup Factory 6.0 users. To get this update, select Help | Check for Update from within the product. You can also download the update directly here.

    Here is a list of changes in this release:

    <h3>v6.0.1.2: September 23, 2002</h3><h4>New Features:</h4><div class="padbottom"><ul>[*]Made a change to the encryption and compression used on the setup engine so that the setup sgenerated will be smaller than in version</li>[*]Added the ability to mask the password that the user enters on the 'Verify Serial Number' screen.</li>[*]Added the ability for the designer to force Setup Factory to wait a maximum amount of time while their service stops. This option is available on the Stop Service action.</li>[*]Added the new Splash Screen and About Box.</li> <li class="nopadbottom">Made it so that if opening a read-only project file during an automated build, the message about the file being read-only will not appear</li>[/list]<h4>Fixes:</h4><ul>[*]Fixed bug in the expression evaluator with CRLFs after unquoted values. When an unqouted value was followed by a CRLF, the CR would be seen as part of the value, instead of being skipped like whitespace. CRLFs should terminate unquoted values properly now.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where the overwrite options were not being saved properly for files on the CD-ROM tab.</li>[*]Fixed a bug where the fourth edit field's browse button, on a Multiple Edits screen, did not work properly.</li>[*]Fixed a bug in the Run on Reboot action, where multiple Run on Reboot actions would overwrite each other.</li> <li class="nopadbottom">Fixed a bug where is the language ID was changed during an installation, some text on the Actions Progress Screens were not be updated to the new language properly.</li>[/list]</div>