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HOWTO: Create a Shortcut on the Desktop

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  • HOWTO: Create a Shortcut on the Desktop

    HOWTO: Create a Shortcut on the Desktop

    HOWTO: Create a Shortcut on the Desktop

    Document ID: IR02003
    The information in this article applies to:
    • Setup Factory 6.0


    This article describes how to create a shortcut on the user's desktop using Setup Factory 6.0.


    To create a shortcut on the Desktop to a file in your setup, do the following:

    • Locate the file that you want to create the shortcut to on Setup Factory's main screen. When you find it, select the file by left-clicking on it.
    • Select Edit | File Properties from the menu. This will open the File Properties screen.
    • Select the Shortcut tab.
    • Turn on (check) the Create shortcut on Desktop option.
    • Enter the text that you want to be underneath the Shortcut's icon in the Shortcut description field.
    • Click OK to accept the changes to the file's properties.

    Now, during the setup process a shortcut will be created to the file on the user's desktop. If you have turned on the Uninstall option for the setup, the shortcut will automatically be removed during uninstall.


    See the topic Command Reference | Design Environment | Dialogs | File Properties | File Properties tabs | Shortcut tab in the Setup Factory 6.0 help file.

    KEYWORDS: shortcut, Desktop, File Properties

    Last reviewed: September 19, 2002
    Copyright 2002 Indigo Rose Corporation. All rights reserved.