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  • hide files and folders

    Hi there,

    I am evaluating the "classic" setup factory, and using the demo version.
    I have been playing with it since yesterday, and I was wondering how to hide folders and files once they have been installed.

    I made the installer to make a folder called c:\test123\ and a file inside it abc.txt .. How do I hide the file and the folder?


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    In archive, double click on a file (or a select many files as you want), got to advanced panel and select "Read-only" in attributes


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      it's not possible to really hide a file or folder.
      Best you can do is to set hidden & system attributes, by default Windows(explorer) will not show such files, will not include them in search results etc.
      However any user can easily change this, and 3rd party file managers, search tools etc. may show such files no matter of their attributes.


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        There are 2 ways to change file properties:

        1) Double click on the file(s) in the archive tab and go to Advanced -> Attributes.

        2) You can also do this using the action File.SetAttributes

        Adam Kapilik


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          PWW is correct though that setting the attributes to 'hidden' will only hide it from systems that do not have the 'show hidden files' enabled.