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Trojan-Downloader.Win32.SetupFactory in SF7 setups

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  • Trojan-Downloader.Win32.SetupFactory in SF7 setups

    a-squared Anti-Malware - Version 3.5 detects a "Trojan-Downloader.Win32.SetupFactory" in SF7 setups.

    Anything IR can do to get the manufacturer of a-squared to fix that false alarm in their definition files?

    Things like that really suck because people just believe everything is correct what an AV or such an anti malware tool reports.

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    I cannot confirm this. I get no problem while testing my system, which has several installs created using Setup Factory (both versions and 8.1.1000.0), after a deep scan using a-squared Anti-Malware (current version with 1.479.771 malware signatures, updated just before running the test).

    I would reccomend that you upload your suspicious file to a service like VirusTotal where you can check the file against several anti-virus softwares at once. A couple of false positives are quite common, showing the differences in quality of the various scanners. But there seems to be nothing wrong with SUF 7.0 itself, and you may actually have become accidentally infected using another software.

    Even if there was a false positive with SUF 7.0 (ie, no further problems reported at VirusTotal), it would be the scanner's manufacturer duty to correct his software. If you are a registered customer, you should report the problem to them instead.

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      They already updated their scanning signatures which has fixed the issue. They have confirmed that this was a false positive alarm.