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Why should I buy this Installation deployer?

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  • Why should I buy this Installation deployer?

    Yes, this is my question.

    There are many of them. Install shield have the first place, but there are like a thousand of solutions. Now what makes SF7 the best?

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    The difference between SUF and IS is that IS is focused on doing MSI-based installations which are both complicated and too restricting at the same time. The difference between SUF and all of the "thousand solutions" is power and flexibility. Setup Factory is a time-proven application that most of the smaller ones try to emulate.

    I would say that the number one reason is the support and ongoing product development that goes on here. Go check out IS's forums. They are a barren wasteland of dissapointed and confused software developers.


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      I just bought SUF, right before the switch from 6 to 7. I bought it without hesitation based on two key reasons. The first is that I already understand the ins and outs of IR's flagship product -- AMS 5. With the introduction of the LUA language to SUF 7, I knew the transition would be both easy to make and one within which I can quickly expand my capabilities.

      Add to that my second reason - the one that Brett already touched upon - the world-class and speedy support on the IR forums. I knew, without question, that no one else could touch what IR does with support.

      So, for anyone doing development of any kind, but particularly those who already use other IR products, it should be an easy choice.
      Eric Darling
      eThree Media


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        It might sound trite but we actually care about our clients... If they are having a good day, so are we. Not sure how common that is but I doubt our competitors give the same level of service. I believe our support is also as good as it gets.

        As for the technical aspects a couple things come to mind. Setup Factory 7.0 is much more usable than all the other install makers I've look at. For me that's the big one because I work fast. I found the competitor's stuff very frustrating because I was unable to create installers as fast as with Setup Factory. Also the Lua scripting engine. It's pretty hard to beat for power, flexibilty, and extensibility. In fact it's the best I've seen. not to mention that all our tools will soon lock together via that scripting engine, for now Setup Factory and AutoPlay Media Studio, soon to include TrueUpdate and then Visual Patch. So basically all yoru scripts are completely usable throughout all the apps, creating a seamless end-to-end software production and distribution system. The competitors are trying to do the same thing but if you look close you will see that our development team was able to create a much superior version to theirs vis-a-vis usability.

        Our development team rules. And that's not just whistling Dixie. I'd pit these folks against any of our competitors any day of the week! Suffice to say you aren't just buying software when you buy an Indigo Rose product, you buy innovation. And you know that with us, there will always be regular major upgrades and ongoing support, so your investment isn't just abandoned like with so much software nowadays.

        Imagine waiting for an upgrade like the poor people who bought Bryce 5 or Cooledit 2 like 3-4 years ago. We've been clutching our receipts like hopeful teenagers for almost half a decade now.

        Corey Milner
        Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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          Well I saw yesterday the demo and I was nicely surpriced. Thx for another amazing app.


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            I was just getting ready to post a "Gee, you guys are great..." note, but it seems like right here is the best spot. So, here it goes:

            "Gee, you guys are great!"

            I've been a user since SUF6 and am just tickled pink with SUF7. I'm getting ready to ship a Beta today to The Customer. The thing that I've found is that if I can think it up, SUF7 can pretty well handle it. The niceset thing is that the product is OBVIOUS. No weird layers, no odd conventions. It simply Makes Sense. Screen to screen flow isn't confusing.

            Language support (I see you are from Mexico) is very easy to use. It just took me a little while to come up with a dual English/Spanish installation set. No translation's all "in the box".

            And, if I do run into a problem (when will I remember that "sessionvar.expand" is not the same as "SessionVar.Expand", eh? Too much time programming in VB, methinks.) it is a snap to throw in some debug code and see what's going on.

            To top it all off, the user community and all the folks at IR are wonderful. IR does business the way I hope I am viewed as doing business.

            And that said, I remain,
            Your h'mble & ob's svnt:
            Gary Brown
            Examiner Corporation
            "How do you know
            They know what they know?"

            Company:The Examiner


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              And that's coming from a trombonist. Those guys don't take no mess...

              Corey Milner
              Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software