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Http Download Help!?

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  • Http Download Help!?

    Hi, im making an installer that works like this.

    Package 1
    package 2

    if package 1 = checked then download package 1 and set progress bar 1 to package 1 file size % complete

    if package 2 = checked then download package 2 and set progress bar 1 to package 2 file size % complete

    progress bar 2 = % of totalfile sizes selected, like if package 1 and 2 are selected when package 1 is done progress bar 2 will be say 50%

    I'm not great with code, i can figure basic things out. I tried modifying the examples in SFU7 help to do this but i cant really figure it out

    If anyone can give me a sample piece of code that would be great

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    I think that you may be better off creating a separate screen for each case such as:

    - Package 1 only
    - Package 2 only
    - Package 1 and 2

    And then conditionally jump to the correct screen depending on what the user selected.

    So in the end it may be easier to create 3 screens rather than one screen that accomplishes 3 goals.

    Adam Kapilik